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Those who dream, take risks, and are hellbent on making their dreams come true are the ones who change the world.

Hey there, 

I'm Chantee Lackey-Williams and my passion is helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs like yourself stand out from the crowd by utilizing strategic web design and branding that will both set you apart from your competition as well as help your business grow to your desired income level.


Besides being a full-time web designer, I am also a UGC content creator, podcaster, brand strategist, blogger, and an avid Betta Fish enthusiast. 

At the start of my career, I began in the Human Services field because I love helping people and as soon as I finished my 3rd year in college, I started developing a love for design and decided to combine my passion for design with helping business owners thrive.

I show up every day because I believe in what I do, I enjoy the creative process, and I love making a positive difference in the lives of my clients. Whether it be implementing an automation on their website to save them time, creating a new brand identity that makes them proud to show it off, or helping them find clarity within their brand so that they show up confident and know exactly where they're going.


As a passionate entrepreneur like myself, you probably started your brand in a few different directions, but now you're wanting to clarify who your audience is, what your offer is, what your price is, who you are, what you can do for them, and what you can offer them. Whenever you're ready to partner with a web designer who specializes in taking your brand to the next level I'm here! 

Sure, it sounds good, but why should you work with me? In a nutshell, you should work with me because I care. I could talk to you all day and tell you how much I know about strategy, branding, and website design, but what difference would that make? My goal is to help you succeed. As a first step, before we work together, I like to hop on a phone call to make sure where a good fit, because in all honesty sometimes it's not a good fit and I like to be transparent with people. I'm not here just to fulfill a service for you in exchange for money. I'm here to give you that transformation that you want and need. I'm here to guide you on this journey so that you're not alone. And I'm here to cheer you on on launch day when you're feeling nervous.

Let's talk if what I'm saying resonates with you and aligns with your goals.



"You're probably reading this review in hopes of looking for some sort of sign or some validation to book Chantee for your next website or branding, and if you need your sign, here it is. DO IT. You will not regret it, you'll only wish you did it sooner. I got in touch a few months back after seeing her work appear a lot and asked for a free site evaluation and had a zoom call and by the end of the call I was signed up for her biggest package and it was the best business decision and investment i've made in years. Chantee had some incredible ideas, suggested some changes I could make and gave some great advice on how I could improve my website and business and my gosh did she deliver! There is a reason why she is the best!

From a complete brand makeover- which was a big scary choice after recently changing it and she nailed it on the first round. I have never truly been happy with my branding since 2017 but Chantee just completely understood me, my personal branding and understood the brief. Nothing needed to change it was perfect. I now share my branding & website with so much pride and joy. From all of our correspondence, Zoom calls, revision feedback rounds, client on boarding, e-mails..everything was incredibly professional, friendly and efficient and she really did make my website dreams come true..."

-Kim Kreative

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