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Aisha's Mobile Notary

Aisha's Mobile Notary wanted to increase its visibility and expand its services. The company was started by Aisha, who wanted to incorporate her love of pink into her branding but was working in a corporate environment where most designers would not be willing to give her that pink aesthetic she wanted.


The solution was to find a way to incorporate Aisha's color choices in a way that was professional and eye-catching to her clients, but still reflected who she was and what she stood for. I created a website with SEO in mind and separate landing pages for all of Aisha's services and locations to drive in more traffic.


The results were amazing! In just one week, Aisha's website traffic was up 95%, she booked out her first month, her phone rang off the hook with new customers wanting appointments, and she expanded into other locations around town!


Interested in working together?

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