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Chantee Lackey was hired by Map Productions to help them create a clear brand identity for their company, which had two very different services.


Map Productions has been in business for over 5 years, and is known for providing top-quality video production services to local businesses and nonprofits. They have a team of videographers who shoot high-quality videos that can be used in a variety of ways—from social media posts to commercials for television spots, as well as various other videos needed throughout the year.


The problem was that Map Productions' clients had no idea what kind of work they did or who they were targeting. Both services were excellent, but they were serving two completely different audiences.


Chantee worked with Map Productions' leadership team to develop two separate identities: one focused on their video production service and another focused on their photography service. She also created a website specifically designed for each brand (with separate social media strategies), so that each could be marketed individually without confusion or overlap between the two companies. 


After just two months since launching these new websites, both brands were completely booked out until 2023!

Interested in working together?

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