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Que's Private Cleaning was an up-and-coming cleaning business that had seen some growth within the last year. In order to take her business to the next level and step into her CEO Era, Que wanted to hire some employees to do the cleaning for her while she focused on other aspects of her business.


Que also wanted to communicate to her clients that she's a private cleaning company which means she charges premium prices.


To help Que take her brand to the next level, we started with her brand strategy, positioning, and messaging. We then created a brand identity and website with SEO in mind so that she could reach more people and expand her business around Wisconsin and Illinois. After launching this new site, we continued working together on marketing materials such as brochures and social media posts so that Que could continue reaching new clients and expanding her business without having to spend any more time than necessary doing so herself!


Four months later, Que had hired seven employees! With the help of SEO we were able to reach other cities in the area and expand Que's business outside of just Wisconsin and Illinois--she now has clients all over the Midwest.


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